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Dust Collection Advice
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I have aJet 1000CFM Air Filtration System with Remote sitting on the floor of my shop right now. We have a quite vent system for bathroom venting. Is it a bad idea to connect the jet system to the quite vent system? My concerns are that when shop filter runs the quite vent would not be as that’s activated for a set time from switch in bathrooms.


Most dust collectors use induction motors which are not harmed in any way when run without a load.  Their maximum speed is governed by AC input frequency and the number of pole pairs in their windings.  If you keep your runs as short as possible, select a duct diameter which is as large as possible, and maximize the bend radius of any elbows, a 1 HP or larger system should deliver plenty of air volume for lathe sanding dust removal.  All you need is a blower, ducting, and of course your P100 rated respirator.

- Mark


Thank you very much for lending your expertise. My P100 respirator was my first “lathe tool”. Glad to hear you think 1 HP is adequate (I’ll probably go with the Rikon unless I hear otherwise) and I will be sure to vent straight outside.

My question now is how long of a ducting run or other resistance do you have on your system? I ask because I have heard that you can burn up a blower motor by removing the filter and other resistance to the point it runs too fast.

Any more thoughts from you or anyone else is appreciated!


I am both a fellow Woodturner and a Mechanical Engineer working in the area of air filtration.  When sanding on a lathe great clouds of ultra fine dust particles are often generated.  Cyclone separators and bag filters are not efficient at removing the sub micron particles which are of greatest concern to your health.  In my shop I have installed a 1 HP blower, 4" ducting, and a section of flexible 4" hose which is attached just behind the line of fire on my lathe.  The air from the blower is exhausted directly outside. There are no filters in this system. 

When sanding I wear a respirator with a P100 rating.  3M makes an excellent unit which is available at Farm and Fleet for about $50.00  This respirator is  far more efficient at fine particle removal then the powered respirators many Woodturners choose to wear.

I hope you find this helpful,

Mark Adams

I am new to turning and am setting up my shop. It is time for me to get more serious about dust collection and would appreciate any insights from the club. I really only turn and do rare projects on a table saw. My shop is in a detached garage I share with a car so floor space is a premium. I plan to add a dust deputy cyclone to whatever I settle on and could rig something up in the “attic” as well as theoretically venting outside. There are a bunch of small 1HP units I am looking at, as well as the 2HP harbor freight. How much pull is really needed for lathe dust collection?

Any input is helpful, thanks!

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