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IMHO - the heartwood is to dark to be butternut. Any thorns on the trunk or limbs = black locust. You can cut butternut/walnut all day with a fresh sharp chain on the chainsaw. Black locust dulls the chain real fast! Same can be said when turning - how fast are you losing the edge on your tools will give you a clue.

that would be awesome! I want to turn butternut have not worked with it yet.

After researching I think it may be black locust. I have not worked with it ever. I read it glows green under black light which this does slightly 🤷. Here’s a fresh turnee to get a better look at the grain


My guess is butternut (aka white walnut)

Johnnie Johnson

Hey Turners and Turnees!

my name is Travis. My wife and I have been members for almost a year and I’ve been turning for almost 2. We have three little children so we haven’t been able to make a meeting yet. I did get to meet some of you at the Sam Angelo event out at Dave’s.

I just scored some logs and if anyone can tell me what it is I’d appreciate the help. It smells Smokey like Mesquite but it’s local wood.  That is a chunk of maple for reference.

thanks in advance!  Hope to meet more of you soon.

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