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Laguna 1836 vs 2436
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Hi All. I thought it was time to response letting you know I purchased the 24x36 Laguna. A bit of a beast for my experience for sure, but I hoped it would support my long term turning needs. I decided on the 24x36 based on weight (heavy), swing over banjo, and 3HP motor. So far, I really like the lathe for those reasons and ease of use. I need to qualify that last comment to note, Laguna is the only type of lathe I have used. I also like the dual control. Rather not need to flip a switch to change from one to the other, but small thing. I have continued to turn small bowls and other trinkets and have turned some larger 14" bowls finished diameter. I was confused thinking it was a stainless steel bed, which it is not. It is steel. I am happy with the lathe, but now find myself wondering if I should have gone for broke and bought a Robust. I just retired, and hope to turn much more. I am going to research the Robust more (why not, I love learning) and maybe resell and buy. Hmm. Seems like a lot for a novice, but the Robust seems to have amazing service support and a 7 year warranty. As I get older, those thing may be more important. Welcome feedback...crazy, do it, don't do it, why, etc. Thanks.

Hi Greg,

I bought the 1836 3 years ago, I am also a newby to turning and my previous lathes were challenging to use. I am very pleased with its performance and ease of use especially for quick change outs. Mine is 220v/2hp, I have a small shop and added the mobile base set since and happy I did. I have primarily been turning bowls of ~ 8" diameter or so, and am just starting to turn larger urns. I may add the 20" bed extension/tool rest when I start turning large plates, etc...


I am watching this discussion will take notes. Have you made a decision yet? I am beginning to consider a lathe upgrade also. I have a Jet 1221VS that works fine and is very reliable. Just thinking I may want to make bigger bowls.

Mike Roth

Debating lathe upgrade. Have Laguna 1236. I am pretty much a beginner...going on year two. A big thanks to member Tim H for getting me started. I have like the lathe I have, but I would like to do larger bowls and planning for retirement, where I will have more time. I am debating the Laguna 1836 and the 2436. I looked at the more expensive models. To be straight, they look great, but I would be challenged to spend that kind of money. I looked at PM, which I could do, but most everyone I have asked questioned why I would consider that over the Laguna given the price difference I have read sooooooo many reviews. I am asking my new Badger Turner friends, is there are reason, perhaps asking that someone can convince me, that there is a good reason to go with the 2436 over the 1836. I want to do larger bowls and platers. 2HP vs 3HP. Will it matter? The added height over the banjo even for smaller projects may have a benefit.....thoughts? There is a weight difference, 570 vs 610 it is deal maker? I could add weight below if needed. I think you get the picture. I welcome your thoughts. I have read a lot on concerns with Laguna customer service, but most seem to be dated posts. Any thoughts? I am likely overlooking somethings, so please weigh in. I looked at the Jet. Like the manufacture, but don't need 40" and have limited space. Yikes! Need some guidance.

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