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Sealing painted pieces
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Dave, I airbrush General’s high performance clear on all my carvimgs over acrylics. It is available in gloss. Semi-gloss, satin and matte. It seems to bring out the color as well as protect. Available at Woodcraft. I have tried minwax clear in spray cans but my experience was that it didn’t spray well. A lot of people use krylon which I hane found to spray well from cans if you don’t want to airbrush.


I use Krylon clear archival spray over acrylic paint. I have used it over a patina wax and pieces with a light coat of danish oil. I would suggest making sure the danish oil had had enough time to cure before spraying. When in doubt take scrap wood and repeat the process and test. You might also test wipe on poly like Dave Turner uses on his work..

Looking for advice on how to seal some pieces that have been painted with acrylic paint. I want to minimize the chances the paint will be scuffed or chipped off - not striving to have a smooth finish. The pieces were finished with Watco Danish Oil and buffed before they were painted. Thanks in advance for all suggestions!

Dave Neudek

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