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Lung and Face Protection
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Bill, I have the trend pro and it works well but I find it uncomfortable and do not use it regularly unless sanding a lot.

I use the same face shield you do and run my dust collection normally when turning. Easier on my neck and back.

there are other systems like the trend, all are expensive. I would like to try before I buy. You could try mine and maybe other club members with a different type would let you try theirs.

Roger Bevker

Lung and Face Protection

I am wondering what everyone uses for lung and face protection while woodturning. How is your set up working for you. I currently use Elipse Respirator with a Uvex Bionic Face Shield. I like the way my set-up works now, but I am thinking about an upgrade. The one down side to my set up now is my face shield fogs up a lot, because the respirator’s export blows right onto the shield. The other option is the Trend Airshield Pro. This looks like a nice set up but pricey. I have never had one on or even picked one up. Does anyone have any experience with the Trend Airshield Pro? If so what do you like about it and what don’t you like about it. Thank you for your input.

Bill Gannon

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