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Sanding Disk Carousel Organizer
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I really like this idea, and will try to reproduce. Thanks for posting!

Can you give a recommendation of good 2" supplier? I saw that some members have a 2" round cutter, and buy some other sheet of hook and loop paper. I'm willing to do that as well. Looking for best bang for the buck, but also good quality. I've bought two different brands of sandpaper disks, and one brand wears out a lot quicker.


I just finished this sanding disk organizer for 2" and 3" disks using plywood, 2" & 3" PVC pipe and a lazy susan base.
When I cut the open slot on the pipe segments, the pipe diameter closed slightly so I cut 2" and 3" circles from 1/4" ply and glued them to the pipe segments to maintain the correct diameters. A word of warning: Use a dust collector and wear a good quality dust mask when you're cutting/sanding PVC. It produces very fine particles of dust that you do not want to breathe in.

I purchased a set of KJR quick-release backing pads & a holder for my 2" disks two years ago and they have held up very well, so I recently bought a set for 3" disks as well.

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