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Show and Tell

Laser Applications

At last month's meeting, Roger introduced the club to the use of a laser on his beautiful umbrella ornaments. The detail and his application was very impressive. 

I've also been using the same laser for about a year. I saw the brief review (attached) of the Laser Pecker in the June 2020 issue of the AAW magazine. As I've become challenged with signing my pieces because of arthritis, the laser has offered me a satisfactory option. In addition to using it for signing turned pieces, I've tried some other applications using imported images, photographs and fonts. Attached are a few pics of some examples. The laser is small and certainly has its limitations but depending on one's needs, it can be a useful tool....and a toy!

Randall Lambrecht

Mark, this is awesome! I have been researching and seriously trying to figure out which laser to buy. Looking at this on my phone. Can't wait to get home to a computer for better browsing and resolution. I knew I wasn't some great innovator, but this is the first application of the laser I have seen that is what I want to do. Sports logos, names, initials, even the etching to allow light to penetrate. Cant wait to try it myself. I may pester you with emails and a hundred questions ;-).


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